What are exclusive beats?

Exclusive beats are basically licenses that gives you full ownership of particular beat (instrumental). When you purchase exclusive beat you will be only person who has right to release and sell song. Producers cannot sell that beat any more to anyone else and that instrumental belongs only to you from day of purchase. When you purchase exclusive license producer will send you full version of beat without voice tags in wav format with track-out files (separated audio files) so you can mix them in studio while you are recording your song.

How to buy exclusive beats?

We suggest that you first contact owner of beat you are interested in. Usually you can find contact information of producer on his website or social network. Ask him details about selling exclusive instrumental to you and other information you are interested in. Before buying, ask producer about track-out files and delivery of beat. Purchase process is basically the same like leasing beats but this time after purchase beat (instrumental) he won’t be available anymore to other clients.

Why to buy exclusive beats?

If you are serious artist who is releasing records and artist who has gigs, then this type of license is right for you. Price of this license will be probably much higher then lease license since producer doesn’t have anymore rights to sell that beat to anyone else. Cheap exclusive beats doesn’t necessary guarantee high quality. Before purchase, we suggest that you read terms of producer for his exclusive license. There is possibility that producer that you are purchasing from might have different terms then other producer.

Where to buy exclusive beats?

You can visit our homepage and listen instrumentals in music player. After you found beat you would like to purchase with exclusive license, please contact us first on Email: info@zerobeats.com or use our contact form. We have exclusive rap beats for sale, hip hop, rnb, pop, dirty south, trap and more.

Are there any other options?

Yes, and it is called custom beats. If you order custom beats, you automatically get exclusive license for that beat (instrumental). To order custom beats you can visit our custom beats page zerobeats.com/custom-beats and fill out order form. Price of that beat is little bit higher because producer needs to start making your instrumental from scratch and it will take some time for him to make it. It’s on you to decide which options are the best for your budget and career.