How to Sell Beats on Youtube?

To Sell Beats on Youtube these days is really helpful and almost all top producers are currently posting their beats on their channels. Why is this helpful to producers? Well because Youtube is world for itself. Youtube has huge audience and it became main network for listening music. Most of people these days go first on Youtube to check new music from artists they heard on radio or TV. So for beginning you need to open your Youtube channel. How to do that? Its simple if you already have Gmail account you just need to go on Youtube and login with your credentials after that Youtube will ask you to create new channel. You will pick your name, upload avatar. After that you can go to channel options and fill out data such as channel title, description, location, Email address.

Main goal to Sell Beats on Youtube 

Your main goal on Youtube is to build your fan base (subscribers). Every time you upload your new beats video, your subscribers will get notification in their Email inbox. The more subscribers you got, the more views you will get. Of course when you upload new beat video, you will need to promote it on other places such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Forums and other platforms you are registered.

How to get more subscribers on Youtube?

Selling beats on Youtube requires constant uploads of new videos (beats). You need to upload at least 1-2 videos a week to make your subscribers interested in your content. People like to follow people who regularly upload new content that is interesting to them, in our case beats for sale. Also, important thing is to have attractive beats videos, you can notice that more and more producers these days have audio visualization on their videos. Audio visualization is basically equalizer that follows rhythm of your beat. It looks very nice and it can attract your potential clients and new fans (subscribers).  Where to get those visualizations? Usually you have to find someone who knows how to do it or we suggest to check websites like In World Graphics which offers Music (Audio/Beats) Visualization.

Add annotations to videos

After you upload your beat video to Youtube. You can add annotations for subscription to your channel and to your website where you have your beat player. Now listeners can click on link in video and go directly to your website to purchase your beat. Also, in first two rows of your video description add link to your website where listeners can buy a beat. Add for example (“Purchase this beat on”). This is really important because you want that your customers buy this beat right after the listen if they are really interested. Also, leave your Email in description so they can contact you if they have questions about exclusive rights.


To sell beats on Youtube it takes a lot of time and patience. Don’t think that you will get a lot of subscribers immediately after you upload your video. Most important thing is to focus on creating good beats (music), after that create video with your beat and upload it on Youtube. If You have Audio Visualization, it will definitely help you attract more people with your channel and they might become your subscribers. Take your time, and upload regularly. Promote your video on different social networks. Be patient and work hard. In next article we will talk how your beats website should look like. Thank your for reading our article Sell beats on Youtube.