How to Sell Beats on Soundcloud?

You have good beats and now you want to sell beats on Soundcloud? Soundcloud is one of the most popular music networks online who allows musicians (artists and producers) to upload their music and share it publicly. Good thing about it that service is free with basic options and has also premium version which has monthly cost.So how to sell beats or songs on Soundcloud?
First we suggest you to create good music and then start with selling. After you upload your beats it is important to add some tags to title of beat or song. For example you can add “Beat for sale“, “Buy beats“, “Lease beat“, etc. Also don’t forget to add description for each beat. Describe how your beat sounds like, what instruments you used, etc.

When you upload beat you will have option to add buy link. In that filed you could add link to your website or link directly to single beat player for particular beat (instrumental). After you uploaded all beats, find artists and follow them. Check music they like, comment on their music and start building relationships with them. Leave your note in their comments, talk to them and ask them to check your music.
There is no easy way to sell music online, you will need to work hard and keep trying. This is business that requires persistence and hard work. You should not give up if your music doesn’t sell right away, you need to keep going and try to make better music. Try to listen different genres and see what people are listening these days. Even if you don’t make it in music industry, you will still have something to show to people that you created.

You can also upload your beats to Youtube to get more attention and potential clients. Marketing is one of keys to make it in music industry. You can read more about how to make it in music industry in our other article “How to make it in music industry?” You can always open free accounts on social networks and share your music.

But remember, you started to make music because of the music not the money 🙂 Thank You for reading our article “How to sell beats on Soundcloud“. In our next article learn how to sell beats on youtube and what are necessary steps.