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Terms and Conditions! (By completing this form you accept our terms and conditions) - We do not make refunds after payment is made. - After we show You preview of mixed and mastered beat, You must tell us if You want any changes. - We do not make changes after we sent You last version of mixed and mastered beat/song. - You must type if You have special requests in order form, we do not accept special requests after we mixed and mastered beat/song. - You are allowed to do 2 revisions per beat/song - We will deliver You your mixed and mastered track in wav format via file sharing service or file hosting.

Benefits of using our mixing and mastering service

Get new sound for your beat or song

Fast Delivery

After you send us your beat or song, we will do mixing and mastering in shortest possible time.


Our service is online based, you only need to upload zip file with trackout files and send us download link. After mixing and mastering, we will send you download link of your track in wav format.

Top Quality

For mixing and mastering on your beat or song we will use modern software plugins that are music industry standard. You will get new fresh, modern and professional sound for your track.

Secure Transaction

All transactions are done over Paypal which is one of the most secure online payment system. You don’t need to have Paypal account to make payment. You only need to have credit card.

Mixing and Mastering Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Your Needs.



1 Beat mixing
+10$ if song
1 revision
Wav file delivered
Discount if you take more then 1



1 Beat mastering
+10$ if song
1 revision
Wav file delivered
Discount if you take more then 1



1 Beat mixing and mastering
+10$ if song
2 revisions
Wav file delivered
Discount if you take more then 1

You got beats but You are not good at mixing and mastering? Let our producers mix and master beats and songs for You! Use our mixing and mastering service by filling out the form below. Receive your beat / song in Wav format after we do process of mixing and mastering. Default time of delivery is 7 days, if You need faster service contact us.

Mixing and Mastering

Make your beats and songs sound better. Let us improve sound (audio) quality of your music. Make your music stand out from the crowd. Complete simple order form and let us do the job. Payment is made over Paypal (credit cards are accepted). You do not need to have Paypal account to make a payment, but if You like You can open free account on Paypal. Delivery is between 7 days from day of order. We will start working on your beat / song as soon as we receive it. We will contact You after we complete mixing mastering process on your music for revision.

What is mixing?

Audio mixing is process in which multiple recorded sounds are combined and matched together. Main goal of mixing is to create track where all instruments and drums will sound like one.

What is mastering?

Audio mastering is part of post production, and his goal is to equalize, balance and enhance your music. Key is to make music sound better and to make it more competitive on marketplace.

Why do I need mixing mastering on my beats / songs?

These days having beats / songs mixed and mastered is crucial part for selling music. People want to hear great sounding music so they can either listen or make something more with it. Competition is stiff so You need to make sure that your music is good enough to follow the market demand. Having better sounding beats or songs will help You get more people interested in your music. Think this as an investment for You and your music.

If You want to order mixing / mastering for your beats / songs please complete our order form.