How to make it in music industry?

To make it in music industry these days it takes a lot of time and persistence. Successful career will have artists that take this job seriously like any other job. Job as musician is not the same as regular job that most of people do every day. You do not work every day from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., You will have to work until work is done. That means that You will probably have to work more then most people. Take for a fact that You will need some time to write music, record music, do rehearsals, travel around world, do interviews, go on business meetings, be a guest at radio shows, sign autographs, perform at concert, and many more things that are related to this type of job. So now You see that to make in music industry it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work. In beginning You have to ask yourself, are You doing this just for fun or You really want to make something from it.

If You are on beginning of your career make sure that You have unique name and name that characterizes your personalty. After You created your name and recorded few great songs, it is time for You to start building online presence. We live in era of technology and without online presence, You are nowhere. First it is necessary for You to build your own website, create Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Reverbnation profile pages. Try to create the same name for all pages and your website domain, for example, if your artist name is John, You will create Facebook page with name John, but try also to get username for that page as your artist name, for example, if You make Facebook page and username with name John, your Facebook Fan page link (url) will look like:

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Purchase domain with your artist name, in our example your domain name would be “” To have website with regular domain like in this example, You will need also to purchase hosting service where your website will be placed.

The same thing You want to do with other social networks like Twitter, where your link (url) to your Twitter page will be:, and do the same for Youtube, Instagram, Soundcloud, Reverbnation etc. If usernames that your are trying to pick are already used, maybe try to add another word for your name, for example: John Music or something similar related to your name.

Why is helpful to have links sorted like that? Because of SEO (search engine optimization). If I search on Google, in this example, John, and You made all profiles on social networks with username (link / url) John, then on first page of Google results I will have your official website and all your social networks listed one by one and I could easier find your music and more information about You.  For You, it means more traffic (popularity), professional look and more sales.

Now when You created all pages and purchased website domain / hosting, You are ready to start designing website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and your own logo.  For website design, hosting, logo design and anything related to graphics you can always contact people that work that, we suggest In World Graphics.


To make it in music industry it takes a lot of time, work, knowledge and little bit of luck. But key is to focus on making good music. Why is that important, because in the end of day, people will get to your website and youtube channel because of your music quality. If your music is not so good, you probably will not get a lot of attention. But don’t let that discourage you, because to get more attention and to make better music, it takes time and hard work. In the end of the day, if you don’t make it, at least you tried to do something good, and if you upload your music on Youtube for example, your music will stay there forever (or at least while Youtube is active). You never know when new opportunity will come up. So stay positive, work hard, make connections, promote and results should come.

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