Learn what is mixtape and how to make a mixtape?

How to make a mixtape? That is a preMixtape is a compilation made by artists that contains songs used for promotional purposes.  Mixtapes are usually released by artists who want extra promotion for their songs and career. They are sometimes given for free to attract bigger audience and potential fan base. It would be good to have a website where you can offer mixtape download in exchange for a Email. After you release your EP or LP you will already have contact to your potential customers who previously listened your music.

What are some of key things you need to consider before you make a mixtape?

  1. You need to have good beats / instrumentals on which you plan to record. You can search online instrumentals for mixtape. You can visit our homepage and maybe find beats for your mixtape project. It is very important to have good beats because they can help you get more attention from audience. Try to pick different style beats so you can attract potential fans that like different kind style of music.
  2. Lyrics are very important part in creating any modern day music so you want to have tight lyrics that are easy to remember. You want that your fans to keep your songs on “repeat” button because in that way they will keep coming back for your new projects. How much songs should mixtape have? Well it depends, usually mixtapes contain from 10-20 songs, it is really your decision. You can maybe make one mixtape with 10 songs and then another again with 10 songs, instead of giving 20 songs on just one. It is really your decision but think like strategy what would be the best for you.
  3. Mixtape covers – If you want to make bigger promotion of your mixtape, you will need promotional materials. Everything starts with mixtape cover. You can make mixtape on CD or just offer it as virtual digital product. If you offer digital product it will cost less and it will give you a possibility to spread information about our product faster and easier. Where can you get mixtape covers? If you don’t know how to design, you can hire someone to do it for you. We suggest that you visit website like In World Graphics, they offer services from web design, mixtape covers, and other graphics design services.
  4. Promotion of mixtape – you can always promote on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email and the most popular place for mixtapes website datpiff. Try to spread your mixtape as more as possible to get more fans and to get potentional customers for your next projects. You can also send your mixtape to record labels in digital and hard copy (cd). If you offer mixtape only in digital copy maybe you could create couple of hard copies and send it directly to address of record label. Record labels received these days a lot of Emails and they might miss yours, so it would be good idea to send them by Email and on their address.


So what did we learn and how to make a mixtape? Find good beats, make good lyrics, record songs, mix and master, create mixtape covers, make strategy for promotion and offer free mixtape download in exchange for Email. Send it to record labels in digital and hard copy version. After you collect enough amount of downloads / Emails and feedback repeat the process. Learn from feedback you get what mistakes you made and correct them in your new mixtape.

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