How to make a mixtape?

Learn what is mixtape and how to make a mixtape? How to make a mixtape? That is a preMixtape is a compilation made by artists that contains songs used for [...]

Sell beats on Youtube – Learn How?

How to Sell Beats on Youtube? To Sell Beats on Youtube these days is really helpful and almost all top producers are currently posting their beats on their channels. [...]

Exclusive Beats – Where to buy?

What are exclusive beats? Exclusive beats are basically licenses that gives you full ownership of particular beat (instrumental). When you purchase exclusive beat you will be only person who [...]

Make it in music industry – Learn How?

How to make it in music industry? To make it in music industry these days it takes a lot of time and persistence. Successful career will have artists that take [...]

Sell Beats on Soundcloud – Learn How?

How to Sell Beats on Soundcloud? You have good beats and now you want to sell beats on Soundcloud? Soundcloud is one of the most popular music networks online [...]

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